1. Clean Those Clubs
    You should have cleaned your golf clubs at the end of last season, but it’s easy to forget.  Make sure to clean them up before playing so you are ready for the start of the season. Clean grooves will save you strokes! Especially around the greens.
  2. Replace Your Grips
    If your grips are slick, worn, shiny or starting to crack, you are way over due for new grips. Remember the only connection between you and your golf club is the grip. Rain or perspiration can really compound your troubles if your grips are worn too. Check your grips, and if you need them replaced give us a call or stop on by.
  3. Change Your Spikes
    Worn down spikes on the bottom of your shoes don’t do you any good.  You will slip and slide like you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes. Replace those nubs with new spikes, or if needed, perhaps a new pair of shoes.
  4. Stock up on Supplies
    Start the season out with a fresh supply of golf balls and tees. And don’t forget to get a new glove, because your old one is probably crumpled up in the bottom of your bag.
  5. Check Out The Newest in Golf Club Technology 
    It really does make a difference! Come in to Golf Headquarters and check out the latest equipment, especially the super hot fairway woods and hybrids. New 2012 drivers have more customization options to help you hit longer and straighter drives. New irons are also designed to hit the ball further with more accuracy. Stop in and see what you may be missing.

By the way, you can demo most of our new equipment by hitting into our on-site simulator. We also do consider trade-ins too.